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The Holiday Season

by admin

Christmas time is a great time to look back and think about the last year. Bar and I have been so blessed, that we pinch ourselves all the time. And in looking back and having Sue’s Sparklers back for 6 months – I think that is a blessing also. Which really means I’m comfortable and back in the saddle. I think the best part has been the interaction with ‘old’ customers. You’ve all been so welcoming and I remember a lot of you. That’s fun.

So, to clear up stories from the last time I blogged. Barry made it through Houston and Tucson in good shape. We took our time, he rested, and was a real trooper. He had open heart surgery on Nov. 11th. He came through with flying colors and it’s been hard to make him stay down. I’m sure any wife knows what I mean. They never want to ‘just sit’. I haven’t quite committed to my exercises yet, but the shoveling has helped.

We appreciated the patience of customers who had orders waiting to be shipped. On the home page of our website, at the top left, will be news of our next show and when I won’t be available to ship. I’m hoping that this will help in the future.

Because of Bar’s surgery and getting the business back, we weren’t able to go to AZ this winter. The weather forecasters have been talking a lot about ‘El Nino’ and how it would be a dryer winter. As they say, just wait 24 hours and it will be different. It’s been snowing in Coeur d’Alene for the last 4 days. I think we’ve had about 16″ so far. Which means, I’ve been shoveling every day, sometimes 3 times a day. I’m hoping this results in weight loss, a size a day, correct? I wish. But, we’ll have a white Christmas and it is gorgeous. I’m just hoping that the wet snow doesn’t snap any wires. We had a really bad wind storm in Nov. and no one wants a recurrence of that.

So – to wrap it up: I’m thankful for Barry and my mom. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it, but my mom has lived with us for 7 years. She is 93 and in great health – which we’re really thankful for. We’re all in good health, now, and appreciate everything that God has given us and lead us through. Sue’s Sparklers is a blessing and we’re really grateful for all of our great customers. I hope everyone has a great and blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

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