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Nativity Panel

You asked for it and now it is HERE! Sue’s Sparklers is proud to introduce the Swarovski Crystal  Kit for the Nativity panel! The panel is no longer available through us, but if you find it, we’ll still supply the crystal package for $95.00. I can’t change the info. below next to the panel. Just be aware only the crystal kit is available.

Nativity Panel 1

Crystal Placement Instructions:

NOTE: Click on any image to enlarge it

1 gross 6ss Clear- Baby Jesus’ Halo, Stars, Donkey Head Stall and Magi gift

2 gross 6ss AB- Border

1 gross 10ss Transmission- Mary’s Halo, Joseph’s Halo, Mary’s Robe and Angel Halo

1 gross 10ss Peridot- Magi Headpiece

1gross 10ss Jet- Joseph’s Robe and border

36 pack 10ss Fire Opal- Magi Robe, Magi Crown & Gift

1 gross 16ss Dark Mix- Magi’s Robe, Magi Crown and rings

1 gross 16ss Light Sapphire- Joseph’s Robe and Mary’s Shawl

36 pack 16ss Jet Nut- Animal Eyes

36 pack 16ss Cream Pearl- Camel Tassels, Magi Turban


Three Magi, Camels & Joseph



Three Magi, Angel, Mary & stars

Baby & Robes


Baby & Mary


Isn’t is beautiful? We thought so! If you have questions or comments please contact us at or 760-443-7608. You may purchase the kit HERE.

4 Responses to “Nativity Panel”

  1. Sharon Apgar says:

    I thought I would try to find a panel to decorate but is there a particular way to figure how many rhinestones, what colors and size etc to buy?

  2. admin says:

    I have decorated the batik panels you’ve probably seen. I usually pick out spots on the panel and depending on the design and detail, usually determines the size I start with and then it may get larger from there. You kind of have to think of proportion. if the part you decorate is large, the crystals need to be larger or use more smaller ones. And, of course, how much you want to spend determines how many you put on the piece. It’s easy to start and then go crazy. Hope this helps, sue

  3. Linda mcgough says:

    Do you have quilt patterns

  4. admin says:

    On my website, I have laser-cut quilt kits, but not patterns. The pcs. are all cut out, you just iron them in to place. Here is the link to that page on the site:

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