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What’s been happening? plus chocolate cake!

by admin

I’m sending out a new newsletter, so thought I should add to the blog at the same time. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve had some great shows. We ended up staying in ID for the winter because of Barry’s heart operation, but it was pretty mild, so no problems there.

Puyallup was a great show, back in our old space. Same thing in Phoenix, same old space. It was really fun to re-connect with customers, now that we have our name back. It hardly seemed like 8 years had flown by. I tell you, once you’re out of school, time really does fly.

And back to the old age thing. We do shows with a promoter that hands out the contracts in Dec. for the following year. You check off the shows you want to do and then you have reserved your space in that show. Well, I did that – but then – forgot to e-mail the contract! For the first show in Denver in late March, I got a non-refundable hotel room and waited for the info. for electricity, etc. Never got it. Called the promoter and found out that I hadn’t signed up for the show. Now that really threw me for a loop, as I could really remember signing the contract. Chalked it up to old age, really bad memory. Then, I was going through my business file on the computer and ran across the contract. I had filled it out and signed out. Called the promoter – ready to say ‘You forgot me’ and he said ‘Sue, we never got it. You must not have e-mailed it’. Well that I could totally believe, as they are many things I think I’ve done and then hadn’t. Oh well, good-bye paid for hotel room, non-refundable or transferable! Ugh, hard lesson to learn. Hope your lessons are less expensive.

About a week ago, I did a demonstration at an ASG meeting in Spokane. We live in CdA and I’ve been to Spokane many times, but not during rush hour traffic. I thought an hour was a good amount of time to get there, but I hadn’t looked at the address on the GPS and found it it was on the other end of town – plus the traffic. Carrie called me at 6pm, (my time to start the demo) and wondered where I was. I was about a mile away, and she was fine. But what a way to start a demo. Kind of in a rush, but did fine. Of course, then I rattled on for 70 minutes, I’m sure they were ready for a break by then. Anyway, I love giving talks and demos, so if I’m every in your neighborhood, let’s hook up.

Now for the chocolate cake. I went to college in Menomonie, WI and we ran across this choc. cake recipe. There’s also another name for it, but can’t think of that right now. You put all the dry ingredients in the cake pan, mix, make 3 holes and then add the oil, vinegar, and vanilla. Mix it all up with a fork. BUT – the secret is the frosting. Of course, over the years, I’ve lost the recipe. Did every search I could think of – could never find the frosting recipes – yes, there are 2 frostings. I finally turned one up, but in the buttercream frosting they used shortening. Of course I tried it – never, ever use shortening in a frosting – OMG – so bad. Total waste of ingredients. The choc. frosting isn’t exactly as I remember it either, but it was fine. You just have to let it sit so that it thickens a little and then you drizzle it on. So, feel very privileged – I’ve never shared this recipe. It’s the only cake I make – because let’s face it – we’re not supposed to have a lot of cake. Very special occasions. The cake is super moist. Don’t overbake. Use the toothpick method.

Crazy Cake (remembered the name) A very special Chocolate Cake

Put in ungreased 9 x 13 pan:

3 c. flour    2 c. sugar   1 t. salt   2 t. baking soda   1/3 c. cocoa   Mix it all up.

Make 3 holes and add: 1 t. vanilla   2 T. vinegar   3/4 c. oil

Pour 2 cups of water over the mixture and blend w/fork. DO NOT BEAT     Bake 35 min. at 350 degrees.   (you need to blend a lot with the fork, get in to the corners of the pan, etc.)

1st frosting: Gradually blend 1/2 c. milk with 2 1/2 T. flour and cook until thick paste. Let it cool. Meanwhile cream:

          1/2 c. butter (this is where they used shortening – ach!) 1/2 c. sugar   1/4 t. salt      Add paste to this mixture and beat until fluffy. Fold in 1/2 t. vanilla and spread on cooled cake.

2nd frosting: 2 T. cocoa  1/4 c. butter  1/4 c. (scant) milk  1/4 c. sugar   2 T. light corn syrup   1/4 t. salt     That is all the direction they gave for the frosting. So, I put it all in a small pan and heat it up and boil it for 2 minutes. Let it cool and as it sits it will thicken. Since I’ve spread the butter frosting on, you can really only drizzle the choc. frosting on anyway.

Dig in – it is amazing. My roommates used to hide their share of the cake because I would eat mine, theirs and the neighbors. I would have included a pic. but then I would have to make the cake and eat all of it also. 🙂

If anyone has the choc. frosting recipe that goes with this cake, I’d love to have it. This one is good, but not exact.

Enjoy your day – have your cake and eat it too!

3 Responses to “What’s been happening? plus chocolate cake!”

  1. LaFern says:

    Here you go. This was the chocolate forsting part of a recipe I have for Crazy Cake.

  2. LaFern says:

    Here you go! This was the chocolate forsting part of a recipe I have for Crazy Cake.

  3. admin says:

    thank you, appreciate that! sue

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