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Old age and your health

by admin

I’ve suddenly realized how old I am. How old am I? I’m so old, that I forgot to hit publish on this last edition of the blog. So – this part is older, but you may enjoy reading it, 🙂

It is truly a bummer. I woke up in Kuna, ID at a show (not at the show, at the hotel – I manage to stay awake at the shows :). And, I could hardly get out of bed. It has happened every day since then, so at my check up in early Oct. I raised the question to the doctor, what it might be. And she said tendinitis or bursitis. Wow, I’ve heard those words before, but not associated with me. She gave me a bunch of exercises to strengthen my back. Ouch, nothing says old age like ‘You NEED to exercise and stretch. There is no choice.

As I’m going through this major realization, my husband Barry goes in complaining of pains in his back and esophagus. The doctor runs some blood test and finds out that Barry is pre-diabetic, high cholesterol and has probably suffered a heart attach at some point. My husband’s favorite saying is ‘the doctor told me I could eat a bucket of grease’. Of course that was 45 years ago. Times do change, but his thinking hadn’t. The pre-diabetic really hit him, and of course the severe blockage in his heart.  He is the original junk food eater and about 3 T. of sugar in each cup of coffee. He really had to change – but he has been really good about it. No more stops at Super 1 for doughnuts, no more cokes, no more ice cream sandwiches. Actually reading a label or two. Of course, the less he eats of these items, there is  less for me to get in trouble with also. Hope it helps my weight!

He went in to see if stints were the answer, but they weren’t. He feels pretty well with his medication and the doctors didn’t feel any immediacy for his surgery. So, we’re off to Houston and Tucson, taking it very easy. So, please think of us and some prayers would help also. Getting old is not for the young, ha.


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