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Mothers Day Embellished Scarf

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Mothers Day Embellished Scarf

Mothers Day Embellished Scarf

Mothers Day Scarf Detail

Mothers Day Scarf Detail

A scarf is the go-to item in today’s fashion world.  They are the best and most versatile accessory to add flourish to any outfit.  Now you can add embellishments through hot-fix crystals and metals to create an even more eye-catching accessory.  Crystals can match or contrast the underlying fabric. The hot-fix crystals and metals can pull together any number of outfits with your favorite colors.

What you’ll need to make a scarf like the example shown:

>2 and 2/3 yards of cotton gauze (you’ll need to decide the width of your scarf, this example started with a 12 inch wide swatch, and fringed a little over one inch on all sides.)

>2 non-stick pressing cloths

>A hard surface, (I like to use a bread board, its nice and flat and hard, or you can use a piece of hard card board, although not corrugated cardboard.)

>A household iron, at wool setting.

>An iron-on motif made with hot-fix crystals and metals.


  1. Lay the first non-stick pressing cloth on the hard surface.
  2. Lay one end of the fringed fabric on top of the non-stick pressing cloth, this is necessary, because you will be melting glue onto and through the fabric.
  3. Peel off the backing of the iron-on motif and place on the fabric. You can cut the motifs apart and play with the arrangement of the elements on your scarf.
  4. Cover the iron-on motif plastic with the second non-stick pressing cloth, as this will keep the hot iron from scorching the scarf.
  5. Adjust the household iron to the wool setting, this is the third highest setting on most irons.
  6. Place the hot iron on top of the second pressing cloth on top of the design, and leave in place for 45 seconds.
  7. If the design is larger than the sole plate of the iron, lift and replace iron to melt the glue on the next section of the iron-on motif, repeat step 6 until the whole motif has its glue melted.
  8. Let the scarf cool in place on top of the first non-stick pressing cloth.  The melted glue will harden as it cools, and will release from the non-stick surface when cold and hard.  (Don’t get impatient at this point, let everything cool down, otherwise you’ll get strings of sticky glue coming up with the scarf and getting on the back of the thin fabric!)
  9. Lift the cooled scarf off the non-stick the first press cloth with the motif plastic still in place. The plastic will help to stabilize the fragile fabric as the hard glue releases from the non-stick cloth.
  10. Now everything is cool, use your hot iron to sweep over the motif to warm the plastic a little.  This will ease the removal of the plastic from the fragile gauze fabric.
  11. Gently pull the warmed plastic, slowly, off the scarf and the hot-fix crystals and metals will remain in place. If a piece was missed it will come up with the plastic.
  12. Don’t panic, simply put the plastic back down and melt the glue on the missed piece and let cool. Do this by using the tip of the iron on the single piece(s). Let cool and continue to remove the plastic.

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