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How To Make Your Own Design

by admin
1. To make your own design you’ll need loose pieces, tweezers, a piece of silicon/mylar tape, (all of which you can purchase here!) a hard flat surface, utility tape, a sketch of what you want to lay out. I like to work on a small cutting board so that I can turn it to work around the design. I also like to lay the loose pieces out on something that I can lift and move too.
2. You will need to separate the white backing from the sticky back silicon/mylar, probably the most difficult part of the process. Set the white backing aside for now.
. 3. Handle the silicon/mylar carefully and place sticky side up onto your design. Tape the silicon/mylar into place. It is sticky and will stick to your hand while you are working, so the tape is necessary to keep it in place
4. You will be working with the pieces face side down, glue side up. Using the tweezers follow the outline of your sketched design.
5. Keep the spacing of the pieces even and not too close. The reason I like to use a movable work surface is important here, as I can use the side of the tweezers to fit in between the pieces. I rotate the board so that the tweezers always fit into the space between the piece I hold and the piece already in place. Another tip is to work from the center out. The flower center (yellow) is always placed first, and then I can space the petal pieces around it.
6. Place the white backing on the completed design for storage until you are ready to iron it in place on your project.
7. When you are making a word motif, you’ll always work with the design in mirror image. You are working face down.
8. When you pick up the completed design, it will be reading the right way


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