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DIY Rhinestone Peter Pan Necklace

by admin

diy rhinestone peter pan collar necklace

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is a special Vday DIY. Super pretty & super easy is this necklace’s middle name, squeezed in between totally awesome and smokin hot!

The peter pan necklace is all the rage right now and very on trend. Let us help you create your very own with out breaking the bank. Here we go! Details to rhinestone peter pan collar necklace

Pretty right? We though so. This statement piece can be made in under an hour. You could make this now and tie it on before your hot Valentine’s date tonight!

The key to this DIY are the Sparkly Fabric found here from Hobby Lobby and #1474 Collar Neckline exclusively from Sue’s Sparklers. This iron on rhinestone transfer does practically all the work for you. No messy glue or pain in the hiney tweezers!

Here are the steps:

1. Trim around your transfer. This eases the removal of the white backing. Peel off the backing and press firmly into the sparkle felt.

2. Cover your transfer with either a thin cotton cloth or a teflon pressing cloth.

3. With your iron set to wool and with no steam, press firmly in place for one solid minute. Let cool

4. After the design is cool to the touch, slowly peel off the clear transfer paper. If a stone comes up with the paper, press back in place, cover with the cloth and iron for another 30 seconds with the iron directly on top of the loose piece.

5. Check with your finger for any loose edges on the stones. Touch with the iron if there are any.

6. Use your scissors to trim around your two pieces of the peter pan collar.

7. Attach your jump ring to the two pieces of the collar.

8. Glue or sew on your ribbon ties

Presto! You now have your very own double sparkly accessory!
diy rhinestone peter pan collar necklace

diy rhinestone peter pan collar necklace

diy rhinestone peter pan collar necklace

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  1. Wow very nice rhinestone Peter Pan Necklace…..

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    thanks! you can find it through this link on our site:

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