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DIY Snowmen Ornaments

by admin

Isn’t he just so adorable?!?!?! And don’t cha know he only took a few minutes and a few dollars to make! What a perfect blustery afternoon craft to do with the wee ones.  And why stop at one? When you can make a whole snowmen family and town!




Here are the Details:

Fabrics That May Or May Not Be Used!

YES: cottons, cotton blends, wool, silk, velveteen, velour, denim (the softer the better), t-shirts and sweatshirts are probably your easiest fabrics; lycra, slinky (a little trickier, but possible), cotton sweaters are easiest.  Always test fabrics if you’re not sure, read the garment hang tag.

NO: nylon jackets, velvet, acrylic, leather, vinyl, trigger (fabrics with a finish).  Don’t forget to read the hang tags.

Sue’s Sparklers takes no responsibility for the application or your iron.

Easy to Apply Directions

  1. Always iron on a hard, flat surface (no padded ironing board).  Lay out your shirt or piece of fabric.
  2. Peel off the white backing of the design.
  3. Place the sticky side down onto fabric.  If not in the desired place, you may pick up the design and place it again and again.  Cut it apart, change it, nothing is permanent until you press it on.
  4. Put the pressing cloth over the design.  (I prefer the non-stick pressing cloth, because I have scorched all the cotton cloths.  You may use a pressing cloth as lightweight as a man’s handkerchief.)
  5. Set your iron on a wool setting – NO STEAM.  Temperature may be adjusted as needed.  All irons are different.
  6. Place your iron on the pressing cloth on top of the design.  Your iron will sit there a minimum of 45 – 60 seconds.  Do not move your iron.  Let it sit in place.  This makes you nervous.  BUT – the length of time and your temperature is what is melting the glue.  Make sure your iron sits there long enough.  If it sits there long enough and the glue isn’t getting melted, then the temperature of your iron will need to be adjusted.
  7. Once you have let the iron sit in one place for 60 seconds, take the front half of your iron and press down in small sections at a time.  This will help with different size pieces and different heights of pieces in your designs.
  8. If your design is larger than your iron, move the pressing cloth with the iron, and do the next section.  Don’t worry about overlap.  It is also a good idea to turn your shirt inside out and repeat the instructions and press from the backside.
  9. Now, let the plastic cool.  There should be a slight ripple or bubbling in the plastic.  If the plastic is perfectly flat, your iron was probably not warm enough.  If it looks like the edges are shrinking, your iron might be a little too warm. If it is really shrunken and you have melted the plastic onto the garment – your iron is way too warm.  Check your temperature.When the plastic is cool, the glue has had time to cool off.  Approximately 5 minutes.  Your sticky plastic will remove easier.  If you run the iron over the top of the design.  This will warm up the plastic and make it easier to peel off.  If there are pieces sticking to the clear plastic, you have missed a section, OR if you have let the iron sit there long enough, your iron is not warm enough.  Turn up the temperature and repeat process until you get the glue melted.
  10. If there are larger crystals in the designs, size 16ss or 20ss, keep in mind that with the extra depth, you’ll need to use more time to melt the glue.  Approximately 75 – 90 seconds.  If there are small flat pieces next to the larger pieces, make sure they get ironed on securely.

Your project is now complete! Now make sure the pieces are securely bonded. Rub your palms across the design, up and down, back and forth.  Now, use your thumbnail and aggressively scrape at the pieces. If anything feels loose, you’ll need to re-iron. Once the glue is permanently melted, your garment can be machine washed, machine dried or dry cleaned.  TEST IT!  You have to melt the glue to make it permanent.  Everyone’s iron is different. Turn inside out to launder.  Designs that contain FLAT colored metals should be hung to dry.  (such as red, blue, etc.)


Sue’s Sparklers Introduces the Nativity Panel & Swarovski Crystal Kit

by admin

You asked for it and now it is HERE! Sue’s Sparklers is proud to introduce the Nativity & Swarovski Crystal Panel Kit! This kit has been featured at many shows but now it is available online!

Nativity Panel 1

Crystal Placement Instructions:

NOTE: Click on any image to enlarge it

1 gross 6ss Clear- Baby Jesus’ Halo, Stars, Donkey Head Stall and Magi gift

2 gross 6ss AB- Border

1 gross 10ss Transmission- Mary’s Halo, Joseph’s Halo, Mary’s Robe and Angel Halo

1 gross 10ss Peridot- Magi Headpiece

1gross 10ss Jet- Joseph’s Robe and border

36 pack 10ss Fire Opal- Magi Robe, Magi Crown & Gift

1 gross 16ss Dark Mix- Magi’s Robe, Magi Crown and rings

1 gross 16ss Light Sapphire- Joseph’s Robe and Mary’s Shawl

36 pack 16ss Jet Nut- Animal Eyes

36 pack 16ss Cream Pearl- Camel Tassels, Magi Turban


Three Magi, Camels & Joseph



Three Magi, Angel, Mary & stars

Baby & Robes


Baby & Mary


Isn’t is beautiful? We thought so! If you have questions or comments please contact us at or 888 999 0408. You may purchase the kit HERE.

Customer Creation Contest Winners Announced

by admin

Dum da da dum!!!! And the winners are….

1st Place Vicky Norris & her absolutely fabulous studded out miniature horse tack. We here at Sue’s Sparklers couldn’t stop grinning every time we saw these cute pix. We enjoyed the fact that Vicky experiments with more that just crystals, but in fact, embellishes with a variety of our metal studs. Way to go Vicky!!!


Here are a few more of her stunners!

Our 2nd Place winner is….. Kelli Powell and her AMAZING SHOES….. You go girl!!! She made these shoes for her wedding and painstakingly set each stone by hand. She used over 3,000 crystals! That is what you call dedication!

And our 3rd place winner is Madeleine Menke… She and her gal pals came in to the shop and created these super cute custom shirts. They used our new crystal woody transfer and embellished it with clear crystals and their choice phrase. This is the perfect example of how to make a design ‘your own’

Congrats to all the winners! Please email or call and we will give you directions on how to redeem your fabulous prizes!

Stay tuned later all through out this week we will be posting images of all the great entries we received! All of you are so creative and we really appreciate your business and support!!!!

xoxo The Sparklers Team

How to Bling Out Your Heels With Swarovski (Bejeweler Instructions)

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Hello All Sparkler Lovers! Welcome to our first installment of Sparklers DIY.

This is a very popular DIY that we get asked about all the time. At shows we put a few blinged out heels on our table, and let me tell you , it is like moths to a flame. Ladies just can’t help themselves! They are totally gorgeous! You can see my original post about this fabulous DIY by clicking HERE

This DIY is bejeweler heavy, so get out your magic wand and power it up! Enjoy!

How to Bling Shoes 1

What you need: A Bejeweler with interchangeable tips. You can pick one up HERE
Some Hot Fix Crystals, I recommend 16ss Clear Swarovski Crystal. Swarovski is fabulous. You can pick some up HERE
I grabbed a package of 10 gross or 1440 pieces. You do use a lot of crystal on heels. Size 16ss or 4mm is the best size to start with. Not to big and not to small.
Then you need a pair of suede or fabric heels. It needs to be a porous material so the glue has something to hold on to. Slick leather is a no go.

How to Bling Shoes 2

Oh Swarovski… you are so pretty! See the gray back? That is the hot fix glue, which makes it work with the Bejeweler Heat Setter Tool. Sooooo much easier then applying glue to each crystal & much less mess.

How to Bling Shoes 3

Lay out all of your crystals sparkly side up. Work on a hard flat surface, a wood cutting board works great. Make sure the right tip is screwed into the Bejeweler, it is inscribed on the side of each tip. Plug your Bejeweler in and give it a few minutes to get nice and hot.

How to Bling Shoes 4

To pick up the crystal, very gently place the Bejeweler tip directly on top of the crystal. Do not push down hard. Hold it there for a few seconds, the heat causes the crystal to expand slightly, and the tip will hold the stone.

How to Bling Shoes 5

Pick up the crystal and look at it. This is key. You are watching the back side, the glue, melt. It should bubble slightly and glisten. For a size 16ss or 4mm crystal it takes about 5-8 seconds for it to melt completely.

How to Bling Shoes 6

Gently touch the tip to where you want the crystal. The hot glue will pull the crystal out of the Bejeweler tip and set itself on to the fabric. I will give it a little extra by pushing the crystal on to the fabric to make sure it has a very secure hold. Be very careful! It is hot! Band-aide maybe?
Tip: If the crystal gets stuck in the tip, have a push pin in hand. Slide it into the slot on the tip and gently pull the crystal out. See the slots on the tip in the picture above? Very convenient.

Wha-La!! That is how you use the Bejeweler. Just repeat, repeat and repeat until you have covered what you want or you run out of crystals 🙂 Hope you get addicted to blinging, just like I have! Soon you will start thinking everything you own will look so much better with a little crystal here and there.

How to Bling Shoes 7


How to Bling Shoes 8

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you have a Sparkly Day!


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