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Sue’s Sparklers is going through another major change – a flash back to the past! This is Sue Purdy, the former and now current owner of Sue’s Sparklers. Yes, Barry and I are back. We sold the business back in May 2007. There have been lots of changes, as anyone keeping up with the website knows. Sometimes you just never know what the future holds. We took a few years off, retired so to speak. I had open heart surgery in Dec. 2007, for a heart murmur. My doctor thought I should get it checked, one thing lead to another and there I was on Dec. 26th, in surgery. (I had to hurry before the end of the year, as I’d paid my deductibles and I wanted the operation covered. You all remember how cheap I am). So, the good doctor fit me in. Everything went fine. The funny thing is, my brother had the exact same heart murmur. He is 2 years younger, only he went in with congestive heart failure. He badly needed the operation.

But, I got bored and started a new business. First, I started out with Blueprinting and silk screens. You used the sun for both and I thought they were great products. But, they didn’t sell that well, so after 5 years I went back in to iron-on designs again and I added stencils. I spray painted 25 years ago, but never really had the artwork to make cool designs. Stencils solved that problem. Thank you scrapbookers. My new website is   Sue’s Studs and Stencils, catchy huh? I always have liked alliteration. There are lots of new designs there and also clearance designs. I will eventually be bringing over those designs to Sue’s Sparklers.

We weren’t able to sell our home in Escondido, CA until April 2014. The recession hit our housing bad. Prices just kept going down, so we stayed for awhile and then rented it out. But, that didn’t stop our wanting to move. So, when we were in Phoenix, doing the show in Jan. Barry and I went driving out in the Sun City area. I had read about it and wanted to see what the town was like. We drove by a realtors office and I said it wouldn’t hurt to stop in and check out the prices. We found a great lady, Bonnie Miller, and she showed us around. This was in 2011, I think the bottom of the market. We got a fantastic deal on a bankruptcy home and bought it. Of course, it was stuck in the 60’s, so it was a complete remodel. That turned out great and it is a wonderful home, just not in the summertime. By the way, my mom came to live with us in 2009, so she’s been moving right along with us.

Many of you might have heard, we had wanted to move up to Coeur d’Alene, ID. Well, we managed to do that also. We tore down a house that was built in 1912, just not worth saving and built our brand new house. Love radiant heat flooring – the only way to go. I’ll post pictures, when I figure out more on how to do this newsletter and everything else I’ve had to learn. I had a webmaster before. Now, I have to do it, bummer.

I also sell to a gallery here in CdA. I make t-shirts and I also make the glass garden flowers. That is so much fun. I love rummage saling and that is where I pick up most of my glass. I also in Dec. 2014, bought a laser-cutter. Now, I’m also making laser-cut fabric kits. That is so new, they aren’t even up on my website yet. But, I’ll start a section on this site for that.

Well, that is all of my major news for the last 8 years – you’re all up to date. I’ve already e-mailed with a couple of you. I still recognize some names and will always remember faces.  We won’t be flying to any shows back east. Barry has put his foot down. We are only doing driving shows, mostly small quilt shows in the area. But, we’re still going to do Houston Quilt show in Nov. Sew Expo in Puyallup in Feb. and the Phoenix show in Jan. I will get the schedule up and running and you’ll be able to see us when you can. Will love to renew old acquaintances. Kind of fun to write down the last 8 years.



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16 Responses to “About”

  1. admin says:

    Yes, a lot does happen and time does fly. Let me know if I can help with anything, Sue

  2. Karen says:

    I can’t access your website

  3. admin says:

    Sorry, had to shut the site down again, as I wasn’t sure how the c.c. info. was being handled. Hope to have the site back up again, on Monday afternoon.

  4. admin says:

    The store in San Diego has closed. My name is Sue Purdy and I’m the original owner of Sue’s Sparklers. I just got the business back and I’m liquidating most of the site, so there are great prices. If you want new designs, visit my other site: I’ll eventually be bringing that over to Sue’s sparklers, but haven’t had time yet.

  5. Linda Hooker says:

    Hi Sue:
    So glad you’re back! I miss seeing you in Escondido. We now live in Cortez, Colorado. It’s about 50miles from Durango and 8 hours south of Denver.
    Not sure if you remember me. You took lots of pictures of my projects for your website (windowpane shirts, dresses, sweaters, etc.)
    I also had open heart surgery for an aortic valve replacement in Colorado Springs last year. Hope you and Barry are doing well now. I am really hoping I’ll get to see you again. Most of the people here have never heard of Swarovski crystals here. I am trying to educate them and am planning to do a class soon. I really miss doing my machine embroidery and crystal classes I did in Escondido. I’ll visit your site frequently and have given a couple of my friends your website info.

  6. admin says:

    Hey Linda, I do remember, and not even just your name – but that did jog me a bit. I especially remember your sweet smile. It was always fun when you visited and you did such great embroidery. I love that part of CO. Durango is such an artsy town. I think that valve replacement is pretty common. There are really great prices on the site right now, I’m liquidating the site and I’ll be lowering the price on Swar. soon. Just need to get to it. thanks for writing, glad to catch up.

  7. Peggy Terrill says:

    Wondered where you went!!!!! I’m looking for a Chrystal Lightning bolt. Do you have any????
    Drove past your store on Juniper and You were gone. I don’t get to Escondido a lot, so was surprized!!! Good Luck getting back in business.

  8. admin says:

    Hi, yes, they closed the store approx. 2 years ago. I don’t have a lightning bolt. What size were you looking for? wouldn’t be hard to make, sue

  9. Linda Crowley says:

    Yelp! still has your business listed on Juniper, no wonder I couldn’t find it. Maybe let them know?

  10. admin says:

    Ok, as soon as I figure out how to contact Yelp, I’ll get it changed. thanks for the info, sue

  11. Annette Wilson says:

    Should the garment be washed first before using the Sparkle on kit?

  12. admin says:

    Tees and sweats are the easiest fabrics and don’t need to be pre-washed. They don’t have the sizing like woven fabrics do, so, woven fabrics should be pre-washed without fabric softener.

  13. Susan Douglas says:

    Web surfing and seen “Sue’s Sparkles” thought to myself. Same name as the Sue from “Quartsite” and in Escondido. Then lone and behold, read the article and it is you. My sister and myself use to come into Escondido store. Wasn’t there another lady named Pat?

  14. admin says:

    hi, yes, one and the same. I didn’t have anyone named Pat working for me, but there was another craft store ‘Crafts and Ewe’ and the owners name was Pat. Maybe that is who you’re thinking of? Oh, I just remembered another Pat. Pat Krumweide, she was a wholesaler that lived in Escondido and did RV shows. Maybe her?

  15. Pat MacGregor says:

    I was in your shop in Escondido when I went to a shop there to sew embroidery. And I purchased one of the panel shirts as well as several others. Can you still sell them?

  16. admin says:

    sorry, we do not and our store has been closed for several years, sue

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